Poster/Demo Setup

Posters and Demos are able to be set up on Friday morning at 8:30 AM, no earlier. Your poster or demo must be set up before end-of-day Friday, April 24.

The conference will provide the poster board and the materials with which to hang your poster. You will be sharing a poster board with another presenter.

Your poster MUST BE NO LARGER than 48″x48″. This is an absolute requirement.

You will be given an assigned location for your poster upon checkin. This location may not be changed without the approval of the event coordinators.

You must be present at all poster sessions to answer questions about your project.

All posters must be taken down immediately after the final session on Sunday. All remaining posters will be disposed of.


You will be provided a 5’x30″ table and a power strip.

Awards will be announced following the final lunch/poster session on Sunday, April 26,